Today is the day! Today is the day! I needed to say that twice to let it really sink in. I’m launching my brand new website and blog.

Welcome to the new home of Tori Pintar: Your Sentimental Wedding Photographer for the Adventurous Handcrafted Woman.

This has been a long time coming and I’m both excited and nervous now that’s here and I finally hit publish. The best part though, is this is just the beginning. 2014 is going to be a big year for me and this business I’ve poured my heart, sweat and tears into the past three and a half years. Know that you’re always welcome here and I hope you’ll come back often as this year I’ll be bringing all along on my adventures.

Today is also a day to express gratitude. Gratitude to the couples that have invited me along on their wedding adventures, to my mentors who’ve kicked me in the butt when I needed it, and to those closest to me that have believed in me, THANK YOU. And I’m especially thankful to the Big Sky community members who’ve paused in their busy days to tell me that something I wrote or shared meant something to them. THANK YOU.

To celebrate this momentous day and to say thank you I’m giving away a basket filled to the brim with my absolute favorite things.

What are these favorite things? Well, I leaked one yesterday on Facebook and tomorrow on my brand new blog you’ll get to see more. But let me tell you, it is good stuff! And stuff you’ll actually use, A LOT.

Here’s how to enter:

Explore the new website and when you’re done click on Connect. Drop me a note introducing yourself and then (this is the important part required for entry) share with me one of your biggest and boldest dreams for your life. Nothing is too big or too small, but it has to be something that makes you a little terrified to think of actually doing or accomplishing. If you’re not a little scared then dig deeper because I know there is something amazing inside of you!

For example, one of my most audacious dreams is to write and pitch a screenplay (more about that to come). I’m so excited and so freaked out when I think about it, but until I admitted it out loud I never took myself seriously. Telling someone was the first step so if you haven’t shared your dream with someone you can share it with me today!

Entries will be accepted until 9:00 PST on Monday January 27th. I’ll be reading all the entries and I’m going to hand pick the one that I can tell is straight from the soul and announce the winner on Tuesday, January 28th. If you’d like your dream to stay just between us let me know if your entry and I’ll only share your name.

There’s also a bonus prize that you can be entered for by (1 entry for each of the following):

  1. Become a fan on Facebook
  2. Follow me on Instagram
  3. Follow me on Pinterest

The bonus prizewinner will be chosen at random and get to choose one item from the gift basket as their prize.

Now check out the site and drop me a note with your crazy big dream!



P.S. That awesome photo of me was captured by my kindred spirit, Carina Skrobecki. For the first time since high school senior photos I was on the other side of the camera, more on that soon!