I said I had two favorite moments. This right here is the second.

I have seen a lot of first dances. Choreographed. Simple. The high school shuffle. Impressive swing routines. Big Dips. I’ve seen a lot. And there is something sweet to them because it is a symbolic gesture for all but sometimes, sometimes there is something extra special there. Watching Karen and Don together literally cutting a rug to a soulful beat was incredible. It wasn’t planned. Happiness took over and there they were on their wedding day, together on the dance floor, movin’ and groovin’, surrounded by people they’d known for years, a group of people that will never all be together again and all of that created a special feeling in the air. Gradually the other dancers faded to the sidelines creating a half moon, their hands clapping, their voices cheering. Karen and Don were left, just the two of them. Did I mention the multicolored feather boa? Oh and there were glam glasses too. Everyone present was in agreement that this was one heck of a dance. But what struck me wasn’t anything to do with the dancing. It was the happiness. It was thick in the room. Something you had to stop and watch.


I imagined them exhausted later that night (ok, who I am a kidding very early the next morning) collapsing into their bed with waves of happiness washing over them, sending them sweetly to sleep. They’d relive moments of that day, moments like this dance, and they’d relive moments of their life already together. The loss of a parent, owning a business, hours of skinning in Montana mountains for minutes of fresh powder (that’s all Don), and everything that comes from sharing your adventure with someone else.

Watching the happiness radiate out of them and into everyone they loved around them. I could see all of these things. And that, that was my favorite moment.