I have no doubt that this is where we’re meant to be…” from One & One by Hudson (click here to listen while you read on).


This song came on while I was looking through Lori and Walt’s photos today. I’ve heard it several times, but I never really listened. The beat and harmony always grab me first, and then eventually I hear the songwriter’s words.


Again and again I played the song, looking at the big, big smile that’s always on Lori’s face, seeing the way that Walt looks at her. I started flipping through the images to the beat. I’m convinced this is where they’re meant to be. After spending the afternoon with them, after hearing their story, after gleaning bits and pieces of who they are, after watching Lori’s infectious beautiful laugh bring Walt’s huge smile out from behind his thoughtful demeanor over and over, I’m convinced.


They went to the same high school in a very small town in eastern Montana. Lori, a sophomore had a huge crush on a cute, curly haired senior named Walt. When the Sadie Hawkins dance approached she mustered her courage and asked him to be her date. He said yes. It. Was. Awkward. I mean, it was a high school dance after all. Awkward is a prerequisite.


What’s beyond we do not know, it’s time that only shows…” the song continues.


The school year concluded and Walt moved away for college. Lori, with her bright blue eyes that match her bright, bold spirit didn’t give up. She held tightly to her little spark of hope. She’d mention him to her girlfriends and they’d roll their eyes, thinking not that Walt guy again. Two years later, Walt came home to work for the summer. And Lori’s friends had to take the eye-rolling back.


Meet Lori and Walt. Warning: Her smile is going to knock your socks off.

I warned you.
Her amazing dress is from Bettie Page. It’s a gift from Walt.