I’m doing an experiment. Because for years my heart has been telling me to photograph women, to work with individuals to capture a visual record of this slice of their story. This is something I have started making a practice of in my own life: getting photographed by myself. For myself. And I want other women to have this too.

I want you to have this too. I believe you need to have this. You, your story, they deserve to be seen. 

Let’s get together, have some coffee or tea or wine or maybe only the hard stuff will do and share with me what you can, what you want. Maybe you’ll see a side of yourself you had no idea was there (this has happened to me). Or you don’t know what you want to share yet but as you read this your stomach is beginning to flutter and your intuition is telling you to do this. Say yes! Maybe you’ve had the best year of your life and you always want to remember what that kind of fulfillment looked like on you. Or, maybe you’re struggling to accept where you’re at right now and to love yourself through all your beautiful sticky mess. We can photograph that too and it photographs beautifully.

Regardless your why, let’s do this together and let’s do this now.


Black and White Women’s Stories

-an hourish session plus some time to just chat over your beverage of choice first

-10 black and white digital images

-8 x 10 fine art print on luxurious paper (What will you do with this? I keep mine in a keepsake box and it surprises me when I open that box. Maybe you want to frame it and put it in your office as a reminder of just how strong you are. It’s up to you).

-And maybe a piece of writing about our time together. I want this to be an organic experience that feels authentic to our time together. If writing fits, then writing you will get.


Only 1 4 sessions left. This is experiment only pricing. Sessions and digital images normally start at $995.

If the experiment goes well, I might offer something like this going forward but it will be at my normal portrait rates

Book by February 1st.

Session can be used anytime in 2018 and I travel well.  (I’m traveling to Boston, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Seattle, and San Francisco already this year, otherwise a travel fee may be involved).

Call 406-600-2090 or email hello@toripintar.com to book