When I first moved to Montana, my cousins were in college at MSU and all three of them at one time or another lived in the house on Annie St. One of their roommates was this beautiful blond haired blue eyed knock out named Carly. She had this very handsome boyfriend, Kevin. We all knew they’d get married. And just over a year and a half ago they were married in Big Sky and I got to tell the story of their first day as husband and wife.

Last weekend, while I was in Billings, we met up early Sunday morning to celebrate them. I love watching Carly and Kevin together. It’s their laughter. Kevin pushes Carly’s buttons and she gets this look of reprimand in her eyes. Most of the time the grin on Kevin’s face is enough to melt it away quickly. Most of the time.

We climbed all over the Rims joined by their little Yorkie, Montey, who I would very much like to steal. You’ll want to steal him too. Kevin had us in stitches the whole time with his antics, ridiculous comments and well, just being Kevin. And the best part is that the laughter didn’t stop there. It followed us to brunch where we were joined my more friends and family. It followed us back to Carly and Kevin’s new home where naturally that house on Annie St. came up, it’s the thread that connects all of us as a group. And then the stories began to flow. First about Annie St. days, even though I wasn’t a part of them, my cousins were and let’s just say I learned a thing or two. Then we started talking about growing up, drinking too much, crazy things that happen at weddings and so much more. To laugh that much felt so good.

I don’t know if I would have been in that place last Sunday if it weren’t for this job I have. So Carly and Kevin, I’m incredibly thankful to you for choosing me to help you celebrate your love then and now. I look forward to watching you two grow together and seeing where your journey takes you.