“I have just said something ridiculous to you
and in response, your glorious laughter.”

The words of Mary Oliver have been dancing around in my head for the last week. She is genius. And the way she talks about love? I could share all of her poems here. But we’ll stick with these to pepper these images from Atlanta I am especially proud of. I think this is year 8 of my little business. What I seek when I photograph changes with each season, changes as I evolve and grow. I started as a fairly lost 20 something, now I’m a still lost 30 something yet one who is chasing less. I’m more still. More aware of the moments that make life worth living and worth the pain that goes hand in hand with the joy of being human. Love is one of those essential things. Whether it’s between partners or friends or daughter and mother, it’s connection that gets me out of bed. I have always been drawn to the everyday (sidebar: I have begun to curate a still life series from my life lived on the road) and I’m finding that the romance of everyday is what I’m searching for in my couples sessions: like this one with Whitney and Bradford.

We went to all these places in Atlanta to tell the story of this chapter of their lives. Atlanta is not their forever home but it’s the first place they’ve found a home in one another. And while place is important and I want to create work the sense of a space, what I most want to capture is THIS. The way her hair in the humidity clings to her bare shoulder, a shoulder I imagine Bradford has admired time and again. Whitney’s smile. It’s so big. And rich. And full. And it’s for this man, this man she loves. Connection is so beautiful. So so beautiful. And I find spending a little time exploring places and playing together is what makes enough space to create the photos that will be the most important ones. The ones that carry the body of this moment in the story of two people.

Thank you to the subjects of these photos. Who shared not only their hearts but also their spare room, kitchen table and city with me. What a wonderful time was had. Thank you.