Hello from high in the mountains of Colorado!

I’m sitting in a little window seat, looking out over the valley of Colorado Springs. The sky is alight with a newly born pale blue, the black blanket of night has been shed. The peaks in the distance have just begun to glow as the sun makes her ascent behind them. It feels good to be taking a moment to sit and soak up the summer.

This is a year of travel, and it’s barely half over. By the time I ring in the new year, I will have traveled from India to Wisconsin, Nashville to Dubai and so many places in between, both old and new. Whether I’m driving the open roads of Wyoming or maneuvering the wild and chaotic streets of India, it is a tremendous adventure.

And I want to help you celebrate your ADVENTURES.

While I’m on the road I will be offering Adventure Sessions. These are limited edition sessions for you and the one you love to CELEBRATE the ADVENTURE that IS your life.  We’ll explore together, whether it’s the mountain back roads or a sprawling metropolis, and create memories that show the REAL you. Let’s celebrate together!


Sessions are open to all couples. You can be dating, married, engaged, about to propose, fifty years into it…AND we can even add your kiddos in after we celebrate Mom and Dad. See a list of locations and dates below for availability.



Tori-Pintar-Summer-2014-Wedding-Photographer-TourJuly 21-24, Denver, CO
July 27-31, Glacier & Flathead, MT
August 9-13, Portland, OR
September 15-18, St. Louis, MO
September 19-21, Nashville, TN
September 23-25, Chicago, IL
September 26-28, Lake Geneva, WI

To book your session, email me at hello@toripintar.com. Only four sessions available in each location! And if you just want to connect and grab a glass of wine, email me now!